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The Best Flooring for High-Traffic Areas

This last year, the amount of time spent at home has given a new meaning to the term “high-traffic areas.” The hallways and rooms that maybe only got a little bit of foot action before quarantine are now constantly getting trampled on. This can have quite an effect on your floors, as you can probably imagine, and you might have even noticed. Maybe the carpet in your hallway has perpetually down-trodden areas that refuse to perk up even with a vacuum. Maybe your laminate just doesn’t look the same in your kitchen after the quarantine snacking and late-night kitchen runs. 

Your floors may have been put on the back burner in terms of maintenance and care, as there have been far more important things to worry about, like your mental health, your kids succeeding at school, and making sure you can put food on the table. Well, that’s perfectly fine, and more than acceptable. You don’t need to worry about your floor when you have the flooring professionals at Floor Country to help you. We are Winnipeg’s premier flooring store, and we are here to install high-quality, durable, and beautiful flooring options for your home. Below are some of the best flooring materials for your new life at home. 

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl is durable, extremely low maintenance, budget-friendly, and a great alternative to more expensive flooring options, like hardwood flooring. Luxury vinyl is great for families with pets and kids because it can withstand quite a bit of wear and tear and offers food, scratch, and dent resistance. Luxury vinyl is extremely long-lasting, even when it is placed in a hallway or in the living room. Plus, it is a very stylish option, matching whatever decor you have within your home. 


Maybe you have carpet right now. If you do, take a good look at it and keep an eye out for stains, odor, matting, or an outdated pattern or look. We’re the angel on your shoulder telling you that if your carpet looks like it has no life left in it, is exhibiting any of these qualities, or is 10 years or older, then you should think about replacing it. Carpet sure has come a long way in recent years and can be a great option for rooms in your home where your friends and family like to gather regularly. There are carpet designs that are stain-proof, spill-proof, and pet-proof, not to mention cozy and durable. 

Since quarantine, isn’t the ultimate goal to be cozy and comfortable? Carpet can check those boxes and more. You don’t have to stress out about a spilled drink on the carpet or need to worry when your family’s busy lifestyle tests your carpets’ limits. 


Laminate is another fan favorite. Hardwood has long been considered the standard in quality flooring, but now needs to make room on the pedestal for laminate. Laminate flooring is considerably more affordable, plus, it is extremely durable. Laminate flooring can last anywhere from 15-25 years, but can also last as long as 30. Laminate flooring resists scratches better than hardwood can, and it can also withstand moisture and general wear and tear. It looks jaw-droppingly beautiful too, so when your head stoops and you zone out thinking about the state of the world, you’ll be looking at something gorgeous.

We hope this gave you a bit of inspiration to update your flooring. We promise that new flooring can really transform the look of your home and bring a bit of excitement to your life! Don’t hesitate to contact our flooring professionals at Floor County in Winnipeg. Our team would be happy to help you choose the perfect flooring option for your home if you need some help as well. Call us today for an estimate!  

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