4 Easy Ways to Fix Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a wonderful addition to any house. Making sure your home looks good and smells nice at the same time with the right aesthetics is a win for you. Coupled with the numerous health benefits hardwood floors come with, it’s no wonder why they’re so popular for homeowners these days.

Here at Floor Country, we offer repair services to your floors, ensure no gaps, educate you on the best type to go for, and advise you on the ideal purchase decision that suits your needs and budget. Here are four easy ways to fix your hardwood floors:


1. Use Wood Putty to Patch

Some gaps are small cracks that do not need professional attention. If you notice such gaps, you’ll need a stain, sandpaper, wood putty, and a putty knife.

With the use of sandpaper, clean the gapped area, then apply woody putty to the crack. Ensure you do away with excessive putty before you clean up. Leave the putty for some time to dry before you can walk on the floor.


2. Use Wood Strip Filler

For this method, ensure you have sandpaper, a rubber mallet, table saw, wood glue, and spare floorboard. Start by cutting your strips equal to the gaps you intend to fill.

Next, use glue to attach the strips accordingly. Lastly, plane down and stain any unleveled spots in the new strip.

This method is preferable since you can do away with higher spots in the strips with ease.


3. Opt for the Rope Option

This technique is used to fill larger gaps. It is a common traditional method that is less noticeable and works perfectly. However, it is advised to use a natural rope since synthetic ropes may be incompatible with staining.

Clean the gap thoroughly, stain the rope and string it along the filling area. Finally, trim the rope to ensure it is level with the floor.


4. Hire professionals

Here at Floor Country, we offer professional and long-lasting flooring products and services to help with your hardwood flooring. Visit our stores and make orders to ensure your comfort is guaranteed and your house is well maintained.

How to Fix Gaps in Your Hardwood Floors Infographic

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