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Increasing the Longevity of Your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors break down over time, and even if you take care of spills when they happen, there’s still the pain of the floor breaking down and diminishing in value. But don’t despair. Floor Country in Winnipeg considers these to be the best things to look into when installing hardwood floors, and what you can do to fix problems before they get worse.

Check How It’s Installed 

Sometimes your floor might not be installed correctly. If improperly installed, then water, chemicals, and even dirt from spills accumulates under the floorboards, and can rot the structure underneath. If you go to our hardwood floor store in Winnipeg and talk to them about the floor, we can check it for you, and if it needs to be replaced, we are happy to provide our experienced service.

Check the Cleaner

Industry experts agree that the wrong cleaner can destroy your floors. Choose approved cleaners for the hardwood floor you have, and avoid abrasive cleaners that Floor Country doesn’t approve of for the floors to increase the lifespan of your hardwood floor.  Try these cleaning tips for your floors next time a stain gets on them.

Limit the Sun Exposure

Try to limit how much sun shows up on your hardwood floors. Floor Country in Winnipeg encourages you to get blinds or curtains to reduce sun exposure, which will help keep your floor looking healthy and vibrant. Floors subjected to too much sun look worn and often lighter than they should be.

Get Some Rugs!

Finally, get a few rugs for your home and put them in high-traffic areas. You can go to a floor store or a rug store and pick up some sizable area rugs to reduce dirt and grime on these surfaces. Consider as well these high traffic flooring options if you don’t want to buy area rugs. 

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