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Sustainability in Flooring: The Eco-Friendly Revolution of PG Model Hardwood Flooring

Consumers increasingly consider supporting brands with strong sustainability practices as environmental issues top global concerns. Here at Floor Country Canada, we’re proud to partner with leading hardwood producer PG Model Hardwood Flooring – a company at the forefront of the eco-friendly flooring revolution. Through innovative techniques and a deep commitment to responsible forest stewardship, PG has cemented its reputation as Canada’s most sustainable flooring choice. Let’s explore how this Quebec manufacturer leads the way in green flooring solutions.

Renewable Resource

At the heart of PG’s sustainability model lies its use of environmentally sourced materials. All PG Model Hardwood floors originate from managed Canadian forests, with 98% from Quebec. Unlike non-renewable petroleum products, wood floors utilize a harvestable resource that naturally regenerates. PG takes this renewable foundation further through responsible forest practices, ensuring regrowth exceeds harvesting rates for a balanced ecosystem. Their growth ring guarantee also means all wood planks come from trees at least 80 years old – allowing for mature carbon sequestration before use in long-lasting flooring. 

Minimal Waste Production

During manufacturing, PG Model Hardwoods, implements lean processing techniques that generate very little waste. Their stringent quality controls also prevent defects, further reducing material discard. Any residuals resemble mere wood shavings rather than full boards sent to landfills. PG then recycles these scrap particles as fuel in their kilns, offsetting fossil energy needs. Even sawdust gets reincarnated! Through closed-loop processes maximizing wood yield, PG achieves an excellent materials footprint that aligns with circular economy principles.

PEFC Certification 

To promote sustainable forest management, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification evaluates companies against rigorous criteria. PG Flooring carries this global PEFC stamp of approval – signifying compliance with responsible practices, including reforestation, biodiversity protection and Indigenous community engagement. The PEFC seal assures that PG procurement benefits both the environment and communities proximal to harvesting zones. Their endorsement leads the flooring industry as a respected standard for ethical sourcing.

Emission Reductions

While wood floors score well over carbon-intensive alternatives like vinyl or laminate, PG goes further through renewable biomass fuel. PG achieves carbon neutrality by powering operations exclusively with wood residues from their own production without relying on fossil energies that pollute our climate. Their process even makes manufacturing carbon negative! This clean approach helps offset PG’s impacts and those of facilities worldwide seeking to slash emissions through renewable thermal alternatives.  

Healthier Indoor Air Quality

In addition to sustainability wins outdoors, PG also leads on wellness indoors. Natural wood means no concerning adhesives or volatile organic compounds that degrade residential air quality over time. Additionally, PG pioneered a unique coating technology called NaturalGuard that finishes floors without volatile substances harmful to household health. Rival offerings still use questionable solvents, but PG sets the standard with an inert protective formula appreciated by environmentally-conscious customers.

Finally, PG utilizes growth rings from slow-growing trees sourced decades ago as a signature of maturity for the finest wood grains. In doing so, they allow younger forest stands to fully develop before harvest and maintain a balanced, diverse carbon sink. Combined with their closed harvesting methods, PG sustainably stewards vast forest areas for generations of replenishment – securing the natural heritage we all benefit from today.

The future of flooring points increasingly toward products aligned with progressive values like waste reduction, renewable materials and natural wellness safeguards. As an industry leader championing these same eco-minded approaches for decades, PG Flooring is the foremost choice for customers desiring beautiful floors matched by an exceptional sustainability story. Through collaborative actions benefiting businesses and our planet, companies like PG Model Hardwood Flooring help transition to a greener economy built on responsible resource management. We’re proud to partner with a brand paving the way in sustainable hardwood – cementing its standing as Canada’s eco-flooring innovator.

Discover the Future of Flooring Today

Here at Floor Country Canada, we’re excited to introduce our customers to the latest advancements and highest industry standards in sustainable flooring. As environmental stewardship tops many homeowners’ priorities, one brand continues setting the gold standard for eco-friendly solutions through ingenuity and leadership – PG Model Hardwood Flooring.

PG’s pioneering work with responsible forest certification, renewable energy implementation, emissions reductions and indoor air quality pioneered the path others now follow. But their passion for sustainability goes far beyond checkboxes – the core of an operation striving daily to benefit nature and communities for generations.

By choosing PG Model Hardwood floors, you receive beautiful hardwood engineered to nurture the forests it originated from, just as it will enhance your home. You also gain peace of mind from a healthy product for your family, as verified by the world’s most rigorous management benchmarks. Finally, feel good knowing your purchase supports employees and suppliers integral to local economies as the world transitions to a greener built environment.

We invite you to visit us today and experience the innovative collection, which brings head-turning style together with consideration for our shared planet. Our Flooring Specialists welcome discussing any sustainable home project and assisting with selections adhering to your eco priorities. It’s time to fall in love with flooring, advancing us all to a brighter future. Start your journey with a brand always blazing new trails in green building. PG Model Hardwood Flooring – natural perfection realized.

Contact Floor Country Canada to arrange your consultation and sample kit delivery. We look forward to empowering more families through the ultimate sustainable flooring partner!

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